Dirt Roads and Alaska Family Motorhome RV’s

At Alaska Family Motorhomes (AFM) we pride ourselves in clean, well maintained RV motorhomes, so you can enjoy your once in a lifetime trip to Alaska where every stop is a scenic stop.

AFM completes a long list of periodic maintenance before you even step foot in one of our fine motorhomes/RV’s. We pride ourselves in preventing or fixing a problem before it occurs so your trip is fun, exciting and stress free.

Alaskan Unimproved Dirt Roads

AFM personnel have various repair experience on all types of vehicles and equipment including, heavy equipment, automobiles, trucks, RV’s, and many more. Tom has held ASE mechanic certifications in over 14 different areas of expertise in automotive and heavy equipment repair. At AFM, we have seen a lot of normal use and various abuse or accidents. On the paved roads there is a long distance between services, and we are willing to send a repair service out to your location as the issue dictates. We do allow Denali park dirt roads (and other dirt roads less than ten miles) as speed is restricted, and it is only one way to the campsite.

However, when you add a twisting, rugged, bumpy, dusty or muddy dirt road, that adds additional stress to the vehicle and the occupants, we have to say no to long dirt roads. Some roads start out paved for 20 or 30 miles (Paved is OK) and then switch to dirt. So please anticipate that the following dirt roads are off limits in our motorhomes.

Alaska Driving Map


Dalton highway and/or haul road Elliot Highway, Steese highway, Denali Highway (however Denali Park roads are OK), McCarthy Road, Taylor Highway
Please review the “Alaska Driving Map” below to get an idea of restricted roads.

An alternate approach if you want to traverse these roads is to locate a local rental car company that allows dirt road travel and use their vehicle to make the dirt portion and use the RV as a base camp. Many of our customers have used this method to accomplish various scenic drives.

We work hard to make sure our customers are getting a safe, reliable, clean, dependable motorhome, so they can enjoy their memorable vacation here in picturesque Alaska where every stop is a scenic stop.


We will work hard to get your repeat business, referrals and a five-star rating. We are always working on continuous improvement. So let us know how we can improve, take lots of pictures, recommend us to all your friends, and please come back next time.