Why Choose AFM Vehicles

RV Motorhome Preventive Service and Maintenance

At Alaska Family Motorhomes (AFM) we pride ourselves in clean, well maintained RV motorhomes so you can enjoy your once in a lifetime trip to Alaska where every stop is a scenic stop.
AFM completes a long list of periodic maintenance before you even step foot in one of our fine motorhomes/RV’s. We pride ourselves in preventing or fixing a problem before it occurs so your trip is fun, exciting and stress free.

Experienced Personnel

AFM personnel have various repair experience on all types of vehicles and equipment including, heavy equipment, automobiles, trucks, RV’s, HVAC equipment, Airplanes, construction, carpentry, cabinetry, upholstery, Avionics and security systems plus other various systems for over 35 years. Tom has held ASE mechanic certifications in over 14 different areas of expertise in automotive and heavy equipment repair, and is a certified Naber electronics technician. With additional training and background in project management, quality control, operating vehicle maintenance shops, sales and business ownership, customer relations, AFM Personnel bring a wealth of experience to the family rental business. ​

Proactive Maintenance

At AFM, we have seen a lot of normal use and various abuse or accidents. For this reason, we review all motorhome operations pre-season, mid season, and post season or when we first acquire a vehicle to make sure they meet stringent AFM standards.
An example of our due diligence during the rental season is we talk to our clients and make note of any discrepancies that might have occurred on their trip and schedule any needed repair. We also alert all our delivery drivers, cleaners, and maintenance technicians to be on the lookout for any issues that were not noted previously as we want these issues fixed before you take possession.

Pre-season Maintenance

An example of pre-season maintenance is we perform any service items needed such as engine/generator oil change, overall engine performance inspection (belts, hoses, fluids, leaks, check engine, etc) change transmission fluid, under-body chassis drive-train inspection, tire and wheel inspection, brake inspection and any other drive-line related inspection or maintenance needed. We use full synthetic lubricants, which maximize fuel economy and minimize internal component wear and tear.

In addition, we have body maintenance technicians give a thorough inspection of the roof, windows, floor, upholstery, cabinets, heating, cooling, cleanliness, dust holes, plumbing, battery, AC/DC electrical components and all other coach operations. We will remove upholstery for cleaning, clean black marks and deep clean as needed. We will add instruction labels to systems for ease of customer use.


We work hard to make sure our customers are getting a safe, reliable, clean, dependable motorhome so they can enjoy their memorable vacation here in picturesque Alaska where every stop is a scenic stop.


We will work hard to get your repeat business, referrals and a five star rating. We are always working on continuous improvement. So let us know how we can improve and please come back next time.